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I bring a toy for you my son, please wake up. 
I bring a toy for you my son, please wake up. The father said. 
I cannot stop crying since I watched this video. I cannot describe the father’s feeling. I am sure that all the words in the world cannot describe the feeling of this father. 
It seems that the father had forgotten that his son has been killed by Israeli airstrike 
O, father, there is no need for any toys.

This is so heartbreaking..


Great Photography by Elene Usdin. This is a perfect combination of style, light, space and humans.

Elene Usdin started out as an illustrator for books and magazines in France, and for broadsheets such as The Boston Globe, the Washington Post, and the New York Times, in the US. Her interest in photography started in 2002, after buying a new camera. Thinking that it was the best way to experiment and create with full control, she commenced by taking self-portraits.

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